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Past Exhibitions & Events

Solo Show: "River Bends & Totem Ends"

2021 Pitt Meadows Art Gallery

(September 18-October 31)

Artist Reception

12492 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows, BC


2019 Osoyoos Art Gallery


(Group Show 5 pieces)

2020 Osoyoos Art Gallery 

(Group Show 5 pieces)

2020 Master and Pupil Osoyoos Art Gallery (Group Event)

2019 Peace Hills Indigenous Artist Contest and Group Show

2017 Salon 85 Solo Show

2018 Peace Hills Indigenous Artist Contest 

and Group Show

2017 Peace Hills Indigenous Artist Contest 

and Group Show

2017 Place des Arts Speaker Event

"The Agony & Ecstasy of Being an Artist"

2017 Place des Arts Speaker  Event

2016 Place des Arts (Solo Show)

2016 Foyer Gallery (Solo Show) 

2014 Foyer Gallery (Solo Show)

2014 Peace Hills Trust (Group Show)

32nd Annual Native Artist Award 

2013 Peace Hills Trust (Group Show) 1st Place

31st Annual Native Artist Award, Winnipeg MN

(Fort Garry Hotel) Presentations and Art Show

2013 Peace Hills Trust 1st Place

2013 Peace Hills Trust (Group Show)

Presentations and Art Show-2 ballrooms and a connecting foyer with 120 other pieces from 100 indigenous artists. I was included a Grand Entry from the local First Nations-what an honour!

2013 Peace Hills Trust (Group Show) 1st Place

Getting ready to sign calendars (the sore wrist was well worth it)! 

2012 Nk' Mip Winery Show (Group Show)

2012 Harrison Hot Springs 

(Ranger Station Gallery) Solo Show

2012 Peace Hills Trust

3rd Place (used for their annual Christmas Cards)

2012 Squamish Foyer Gallery

2007-2019 Peace Hills Trust (Group Show)

(In 2011, PHT bought this series of 4 in its entirety for their permanent collection)

2010 Peace Hills Trust Corporate Purchase

(In 2010, PHT bought this tryptich in its entirety for their permanent collection)

2010 Vancouver Olympics

Four Host First Nations Artisan Village (3 days)

(2008-present) NK'Mip Native Owned Winery

Permanent Gallery Space


 Squamish Foyer Gallery

 (Solo Bi-Annual Show)

2008, 2011 and 2012 Harrison Hot Springs (Solo Show)

(2009-present) Springbrooke Retreat Centre

Permanent Gallery Space 

2008 and 2009 Burnaby Arts Guild/Shadbolt Centre (Group Show) and 2010 (Burnaby Arts Council Studio Tour)

2002 Squamish Foyer Gallery (Group Show)

2000-2009 Artasia Gallery 

(Manitou Springs, CO

(Permanent Gallery Space)

2000 Colorado Springs Fine Arts Centre 

(Group Show)


The Artist