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Indigenous Series (Sold)

The Innocents

This series respectfully depicts my indigenous roots prior to colonization. There was a unique mix of innocence and spiritual awareness (look for artistic elements that a spirituality exists i.e. dots in foreheads, bands of light over the eyes, etc.).

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The Bones of My Ancestors

This series was inspired by the importance of our ancestors and the physical and spiritual burial grounds that hold them. Each painting contains an inside look at their bone structure that symbolizes that we all share the same structure underneath our skin. 

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The Medicine Women, Men, Matriarchs, Chiefs, Shamans & Elders

This series was inspired by all the indigenous Chiefs who have come before me...many in my own family of origin and others known and unknown. This pays homage to the trials and celebrations they experienced as well as other medicine men, women, shamans and elders.

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The People of the Gourd

This 2-dimensional series is inspired by dried gourds and their importance in some Turtle Island (aka North America) indigenous tribes or nations.

This 4 bright coloured ones in the series was purchased in its entirety by Canada's leading First Nations Bank chain (Peace Hills Trust). 

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Assemblage Paint Series

Chiefs, Elders & Pow Wow Peoples

This series pays homage to indigenous peoples  past intersecting with a modern, colonized society. In the old ways of ensuring minimal impact on Mother Earth, these paintings reuse found objects and attempts to integrate the past with the present.

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One-off Paintings 

"Auntie's Pots"

"Broken Arrow"

"Displaced Spirit"


"Native Lullaby" (Available for Sale)

"Inner Angel"

"Lost in Space"

"Grandfather Bear"

"Mother Earth, Father Sky"

"Chief Red Cloud"

"Spirit Chaser"

""Two Ancient Cultures-Two Modern Women"

Directed by Devin Karringten

"Two Ancient Cultures-Two Modern Women"

This is a video where I and someone else (whom I've never met) was interviewed by a film school student for an international submission viewed at an annual conference (i.e. Puerto Rico with attendees such as Deepak Chopra and Marc Anthony).

Paintings Available for Sale

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